Shot in collaboration with Asicstiger and internationally

acclaimed music artist Heazer. Venturing through the city we

created a beat by using only sound samples captured from our athletes while performing their passions.

This project was a combination of sport, rhythm and imagery.

I  always love working with real athletes and talented individuals - here is what we created.


One of my greatest passions  is rock climbing.

I love to spend my time outdoors exploring beautiful places, Cape town offers endless possibilities for the nature lover.

Silvermine, was the perfect location for this shoot with Ian as it's one of the easily accessible climbing spots around.

Thanx to Jan for supplying some amazing OCUN gear to be shot.



I am a climber, surfer, adventurer and Cape Town based photographer 

who specializes in Adventure, Sport and Lifestyle Photography.

A Love of the outdoors and travel combined with a adventure's spirit have always taken me to beautiful places , not seen by many.

This is where I find my inspiration for Photography.

My mission with my work is to inspire people to go out there , into nature to experience and explore this amazing space we inhabit.       



Three amateur climbers and a filmmaker leave the safety of their everyday lives and travel to a remote corner of Malawi to attempt the biggest climb of their lives, the 1700m west face of Chambe Peak. Tensions run high as the team is pushed to their limits battling the scorching African sun, forest fires, and scarcely believable rumours about vampires living in the area.

Taking on this monumental task of my first bigwall climb and shooting the process at the same time was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

Always looking forward to my next adventure.



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